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Date Lineup
Motel Radio Dc9 Apr 30 Motel Radio, Sweet Crude
Uni Ika Ai Dc9 May 05 Uni Ika Ai, Sam Evian
Backbeat Underground Dc9 May 06 Backbeat Underground, Backbeat Underground, The 8 Ohms Band
Courtney Marie Andrews Dc9 May 07 Courtney Marie Andrews
Parsonsfield Dc9 May 10 Parsonsfield, Animal Years
Animal Years Dc9 May 10 Animal Years
ADULT. (Official) Dc9 May 11 ADULT. (Official)
The Palms Dc9 May 12 The Palms
The Wind + the Wave Dc9 May 16 The Wind + the Wave
The Native Sibling Dc9 May 16 The Native Sibling
Skating Polly Dc9 May 21 Skating Polly
Lincoln Durham Dc9 May 23 Lincoln Durham
Nightly Dc9 May 26 Nightly
Urban Cone Dc9 May 26 Urban Cone
Tim Kasher Dc9 May 31 Tim Kasher
Odonis Odonis Dc9 Jun 04 Odonis Odonis, Daughters, Dälek
Daughters Dc9 Jun 04 Daughters
Dälek Dc9 Jun 04 Dälek, Daughters, Odonis Odonis
White Reaper Dc9 Jun 06 White Reaper
Silent Old Mtns. Dc9 Jun 09 Silent Old Mtns., Happyness
The Scandals Dc9 Jun 11 The Scandals
Ha Ha Tonka Dc9 Jun 14 Ha Ha Tonka
Trapper Schoepp Dc9 Jun 14 Trapper Schoepp, Ha Ha Tonka
Daniel Romano Dc9 Jun 15 Daniel Romano
Savoir Adore Dc9 Jun 16 Savoir Adore
Elliot Moss Dc9 Jun 21 Elliot Moss
Planes Mistaken for Stars Dc9 Jun 26 Planes Mistaken for Stars
Palm Dc9 Jul 26 Palm
Sports Dc9 Aug 04 Sports, Yeek