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Date Lineup
Dan Flash Mar 30 Dan
Pig&Dan Flash Mar 30 Pig&Dan
Carl Craig Flash Mar 31 Carl Craig
Janina Flash Mar 31 Janina
Throe Flash Mar 31 Throe
Navbox Flash Mar 31 Navbox
Jett Chandon Flash Mar 31 Jett Chandon
Djoser Flash Mar 31 Djoser
Mazi R Flash Mar 31 Mazi R
Sarah Myers Flash Apr 01 Sarah Myers, M.A.N.D.Y., Sarah Myers and 6 more...
Halloran Flash Apr 01 Halloran
Cristoph Flash Apr 01 Cristoph
DMC DJ's Flash Apr 01 DMC DJ's
Fumiya Tanaka Flash Apr 02 Fumiya Tanaka
LoSoul Flash Apr 02 LoSoul
Francesco Del Garda Flash Apr 07 Francesco Del Garda
Silvie Loto Flash Apr 07 Silvie Loto
Navbox Flash Apr 07 Navbox
David Morales Flash Apr 08 David Morales
Sam Burns Flash Apr 08 Sam Burns
Bedouin Flash Apr 09 Bedouin
Jacques Greene Flash Apr 12 Jacques Greene
Nick Garcia Flash Apr 12 Nick Garcia
rkt Flash Apr 12 rkt
Suicideyear Flash Apr 12 Suicideyear
Shifted Flash Apr 14 Shifted
Fady  Flash Apr 19 Fady
Cherokee Flash Apr 19 Cherokee
SpectraSoul Flash Apr 20 SpectraSoul
LSB Flash Apr 20 LSB
Frank Flash Apr 21 Frank
Tony (BGR) Flash Apr 21 Tony (BGR)
Josh Wink Flash Apr 22 Josh Wink
Robotaki Flash Apr 26 Robotaki
Stimming Flash Apr 27 Stimming
Jandro Flash Apr 27 Jandro
Sian Flash Apr 28 Sian
SeeB Flash May 03 SeeB
Friction Flash May 04 Friction
Metrik Flash May 04 Metrik
George Fitzgerald Flash May 06 George Fitzgerald
Flamingosis Flash May 10 Flamingosis
Compa Flash May 11 Compa
Bassline Business Flash May 11 Bassline Business
Billy Kenny Flash May 12 Billy Kenny
Avalon Emerson Flash May 19 Avalon Emerson
Jeremy Olander Flash Jun 01 Jeremy Olander, Jeremy Olander
Sarah Myers Flash Jun 03 Sarah Myers