Shawnee, OK
Upcoming Live Local Concerts and Tour Dates 2017

Popular Artists Playing Near Shawnee

Upcoming Dates

Date Lineup Venue
Hollywood's Greatest Game Shows Host By Bob Eubanks Shawnee Apr 29 Hollywood's Greatest Game Shows Host By Bob Eubanks
Aaron Woods Band Shawnee Apr 29 Aaron Woods Band
Thompson Square Shawnee May 06 Thompson Square
Troy Cartwright Shawnee May 06 Troy Cartwright, Thompson Square
The Okie Tramps Shawnee May 06 The Okie Tramps
Backwater Creek Shawnee May 06 Backwater Creek
Jack Nelson Band Shawnee May 12 Jack Nelson Band
Rugged Grace Shawnee May 13 Rugged Grace
Boston Shawnee May 13 Boston
Wild Heart (OK) Shawnee May 13 Wild Heart (OK)
The Okie Tramps Shawnee May 19 The Okie Tramps
The Michael Updegrove Band Shawnee May 20 The Michael Updegrove Band
Aaron Woods Band Shawnee May 20 Aaron Woods Band, Bryce Dicus
Raina Cobb Music Shawnee May 20 Raina Cobb Music, Ben Brock, Danny Harp and 1 more...
Chris Quilala Shawnee May 26 Chris Quilala
Lindsey Sweat Shawnee May 26 Lindsey Sweat
Trella Shawnee May 26 Trella
The Fitzgeralds Shawnee May 26 The Fitzgeralds
Night Ranger Shawnee Jun 02 Night Ranger
MRG Recordings Shawnee Jun 02 MRG Recordings, Rick Monroe