WordPress Plugin


Bandsintown's WordPress Plugin makes it easy for artists to showcase their upcoming tour dates anywhere on their WordPress-powered blog or website.

Easily display an automatically updated list of your tour dates to your fans using the widget, shortcode or template tag.



  1. Download the plugin.
  2. Unzip and upload the folder named bandsintown to your wp-content/plugins directory.
  3. Click on the Plugins tab from your WordPress admin.
  4. Find Tour Dates in the plugins list and click Activate.
  5. Click on Tour Dates under the Settings tab from your WordPress admin.
  6. Enter the artist you wish to display tour dates for and click Save Settings.



To use the Bandsintown Tour Dates widget, you must have a widgetized sidebar enabled in your WordPress theme before continuing. Consult the author of your theme to determine if your sidebar is widgetized.

  1. Click on Widgets under the Appearance tab from your WordPress admin.
  2. Drag the Tour Dates widget to the sidebar you'd like it to appear in.
  3. The Bandsintown Tour Dates widget should now display in your sidebar.


To display tour dates in a blog post or page using the bandsintown shortcode:

  1. In the WordPress post editor, add the shortcode [bandsintown_events] where you want the tour dates to appear.
  2. Click Publish to save the post.
  3. The tour dates list should now be embedded in the post.

Template Tag

Advanced users may want to integrate the plugin directly into their theme's template files. This can be done using the Bandsintown template tag, simply insert the template tag the_bandsintown_events() into the PHP source code of your template file and the tour dates list will be rendered in its place.


<?php get_header(); ?>
  <h1>Our Concerts</h1>
  <p>View our tour dates:</p>
  <?php the_bandsintown_events(); ?>
<?php get_sidebar(); ?>
<?php get_footer(); ?>

Custom CSS

The tour dates will be styled to match your WordPress theme, if you want to customize anything further, the plugin allows you to add custom CSS to override any of the defaults.

In the Bandsintown plugin settings the default CSS being used in the plugin is displayed along with a Custom CSS text box allowing you to add any of your own CSS styles.

Advanced Usage

The shortcode and template tags support optional parameters to customize the look and feel of the tour dates. The artist can also be controlled this way if you wanted to display listings for an alternate artist.

A full list of supported options can be found here.

Shortcode Example

The following example will output the next 10 tour dates for "Miike Snow":

[bandsintown_events artist="Miike Snow" display_limit="10"]

Template Tag Example

The following example will output the next 10 tour dates for "Miike Snow":

<?php the_bandsintown_events(array('artist' => 'Miike Snow', 'display_limit' => 10)); ?>