The Steepwater Band
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Upcoming Dates

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Date Venue Location
Jan 19 Newport, KY
Jan 20 Indianapolis, IN
Jan 25 Homewood, IL
Feb 08 Highwood, IL
Feb 09 Minneapolis, MN
Feb 10 Des Moines, IA
Feb 17 Joliet, IL
Feb 23 Tallahassee, FL
Feb 24 Clearwater, FL
Feb 26 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Feb 27 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Feb 28 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Mar 01 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Mar 02 Montego Bay, Jamaica
Mar 03 Pensacola, FL
Mar 09 Wausau, WI
Mar 10 Green Bay, WI
Mar 16 Milwaukee, WI
Mar 23 Auburn Hills, MI
Mar 24 Auburn Hills, MI

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